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Transport Accessibility

There is a convenient transport access to Ust-Luga Sea Port. Roads and railroads were reconstructed and expanded. M-11 federal road became four-lane.

A-121 road is located along the border of the site and connects it to the ring road, Krasnoflotskoye highway of St. Petersburg, M-11 «Narva»highway and M-11«Ust-Luga»highway. The condition of A-121 was excellent as of summer, 2014 (9 points of 10). Transport may move there with the average speed of 60-80 km/h without any difficulties.

Driving Time

From Time
Port zone 5 min
Industrial and logistics zone 5 min
Ust-Luga settlement 15 min
Kingisepp 1 h
Sosnovy Bor 1 h
Ring Road 1 h 30 min
Centre of Saint Petersburgа 2 h 30 min


The railroad became double-track and electrified. The Luzhskaya-Sortirovochnaya big railway station is under construction. Up to 70 million t of freight will pass through it annually. A 7 km long railway line is designed from the Luzhskaya-Sortirovochnaya station to the Luzhskaya-Industrialnaya station. The latter will be located in the centre of the industrial and logistics zone of our project. Ust-Luga International Cargo Airport is planned to be built 6 km to the north of the site. Therefore, the area of the industrial and logistics zone will be provided with all means of transport (sea, air, railway, road and pipeline).

Engineering Support Facilities

1. Power Supply

250 MW Dubki - Ust-Luga Power Substation is designed to be built 3 km to the north of Ust-Luga - South Industrial Park. Power will be supplied from Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant No 2 located 45 km away in Sosnovy Bor. It will be put into operation in 2018. There is a 110 kV power supply line along the border of the industrial and logistics zone. The line goes to PS292 - Vistino Power Substation. The substation was reconstructed to increase its capacity to 25 MW.

2. Wind Power Generation

The main direction of the project's development is land development of industrial sites. Special attention is given to the use of renewable energy sources. Preliminary investigation showed it would be possible to locate a wind power plant at a site situated at the highest point in the peninsula as the annual average wind speed exceeds 5 m/s. Large power consumers and 250 MW Dubki High-Power Plant are located near the future wind power plant. Their presence allows designing a wind high-power plant that will be an ecological pilot project for both Ust-Luga Multimodal Complex and entire Russia.

3. Gas Supply

A gas distribution plant will be built on the southern border of Ust-Luga - South Industrial Park in Koskolovo. The annual volume of gas supply to facilities of the industrial and logistics zone will be 230 millon m 3. It will allow providing residents with a sufficient gas amount.

4. Water Supply

Designing of water intake and pipeline structures from the Luga river is finished. Water treatment plants will be located in vicinity of Ust-Luga Sea Port.

The project will allow solving the task to provide all communities of Vistino rural settlement and facilities of the industrial and logistics zone and Ust-Luga Sea Port with drinking water. Besides, there is a working water intake structure. It is located at the northern border of the industrtial and logistics zone and is capable to provide residents with 2000 m3 of water daily.

5. Household Sewerage

Treatment facilities for 2100 m 3 daily household outflow are planned to be built in the southern part of the industrial and logistics zone.

6. Surface Water Removal

There are reclamation canals on the borders of the industrial and logistics zone. They contribute to removal of rain and melt water from grounds of the industrial and logistics zone.

Surface water treatment facilities will be upgraded and expanded taking into consideration development of the territory.


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