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Mid-rise residential area

Mid-rise residential area

3D-модель среднеэтажного жилого микрорайона / 3D model of mid-rise residential areaThe district of the new mid-rise residential area will house social and cultural facilities such as schools, shops, a cultural and entertainment centre, a polyclinics and a physical training and sports centre.

The planning structure is formed with regard to the interconnected location of the public centres, housing, a street and road network, recreational territories for public use. It is also formed in connection with the planning structures of the surrounding settlements and natural peculiarities of the territory. The general composition of the planning is built on the principle of an amphitheater with regard to the natural relief of the territory. Presence of the public facilities will provide the area with full social and domestic infrastructure and service industry to develop a modern settlement. Structural solutions of the erected residential buildings will meet modern requirements and blend to the environment creating the uniform style of the housing.

The project envisages a usage of the existing natural ecosystem to create landscape and recreational zones.

Location of the land sites in close vicinity of the port zone and industrial zone makes them convenient places for living of the employees. Their substantial size allows locating social infrastructure facilities without a serious influence on the project’s economy. Such facilities will become centres of attraction for inhabitants of the surrounding settlements that will provide their occupancy.


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