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«Ust-Luga Multimodal Complex is a unique project aimed at complex development of the portside territories. We are situated at a costal territory of the Gulf of Finland in Kingiseppsky district of Leningrad region in close vicinity of terminals of Ust-Luga Sea Port.

The total area of the territory is 3000 ha. 

Main Purpose of Project

The activity of our multimodal complex is aimed at provision of land sites to companies for placement of plants and logistics. 

The Project envisages construction of the following infrastructure: 

  • Ust-Luga International Cargo Airport;
  • Аn industrial zone, a logistic zone, a zone of temporary storage warehouses;
  • А business park;
  • А residential zone.

Our Achievements

The following stages have been passed by now: 


  • Research and Design Institute for Master Planning and City Housing Schemes completed development of Kingiseppsky district’s area planning scheme. The scheme determined functional purpose of the Project’s lands. Russian State Design and Research Institute for Urban Planning finished development of a Master Plan for Vistino settlement. Placement of Ust-Luga Multimodal Complex was designed as a part of it.
  • JSC “Lenaeroproject” made investigations and prepared a positive conclusion about technical possibility to build a cargo airport on the territory of Ust-Luga Multimodal Complex. The airport will be able to accommodate all types of aircraft. Competent authorities of Leningrad region gave their approvals of the cargo airport’s placement.
  • Ust-Luga Multimodal Complex Industrial Logistic Zone Project was approved by the Interdepartmental Commission on Placement of Productive Forces in Leningrad Region (for more details).

The main principles of our company are a use of innovative ideas in projects’ development, a constant improvement of services’ quality, efficient cooperation with clients and partners.


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